White evangelical colleges vs. white evangelical parents



That reads like a caricature -- a fantasy stereotype concocted by someone who has recently been told about the existence of white evangelical colleges, but who has never actually seen one. What do you suppose students learn at such a school? Who knows? Ronald Reagan, probably. And maybe C.S. Lewis? Oh, and the Bible, of course. This isn't what students are really studying at these schools, but it's what their nervous evangelical parents want to hear.

‘Fighting for our children’



Today’s protest anthem and Monday morning open thread comes courtesy of Mavis Staples. If necessary, you can invent and add an infinite number of verses to this song, and sing it forever. I mention this because that may soon, again, be necessary. So this is a good one to learn, just in case.

The ‘work ethic’ can be unethical (part 1)



You should always work hard and do your best. This is a moral obligation. That seems reasonable. Who doesn't think that working harder is better than slacking off? And who could possibly quarrel with something as uncontroversially wholesome as "always do your best"? But it's misleading -- and morally wrong -- in at least two ways.

LBCF, No. 135: ‘A billion Samanthas’



LaHaye and Jenkins seem to think that this alien-abduction theory would be comforting to those who settled on it. As though the idea that some alien species had, without warning and without explanation, whisked away two billion people, and might do so again at any moment for all we know, would somehow settle things. As though it would simply make people say, “OK, then, that explains that” and go on with their daily lives.

The Creation of adam



Harmonia Rosales, an artist based in Chicago, has revisited Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam. Like Michelangelo’s original, Rosales’ painting leads us to think about what it means to believe that we have been created in the image of God. Both paintings do so, of course, by envisioning God in our own image, which also leads us [Read More...]

Maybe God isn’t as awful as you think you have to think God is



That's a terribly uncomfortable place to be, but it's where millions of white evangelical Christians in America find themselves because it's where they've been taught to believe they are required to be. They wish they could have a faith that better aligned with what their nagging conscience is telling them would be more good, more beautiful, more true, more just, and more loving, but they've been taught to believe that such faith is not permitted.

Trump and Erdogan and ‘a certain kind of consent’



It's overwhelming. And that's the dangerous thing. We're at risk of being overwhelmed. We freeze up, paralyzed, waiting for the next shoe to drop, even as it's raining shoes. We can be so transfixed by the spectacle of Trump's implosion that we become spectators -- sitting and watching instead of acting, now, to stop him.