We are being governed by fools



Even if your individual self-interest or the interest of your ethnic or religious tribe is the only thing you care about, that self-interest should compel you to ensure equal protection and full accommodation for people with disabilities -- because you could become one of them in the twinkling of an eye.

White evangelicalism, 1975: Before the change (3.1)



Norman Geisler's use of the term "therapeutic" in this section turned out to be unfortunate. Back in the early 1970s, when he was writing this summary of the common accepted "stance" for conservative white evangelicals on "When Abortion Is Justified," that term was entirely benign. He had no way of knowing that, decades later, it would become something of an epithet.

You were a fool to let me go



Not-Garland joined his fellow robed partisans to uphold racial gerrymandering in Texas. How long does the absolute correlation and unbroken pattern have to continue before we're allowed to talk about the obvious conclusion? Plus: Credit-rating agencies are terrible at their job and have outlived any plausible claim that their continued existence is justified. Burn them down and salt the earth.